Research and Training Solutions for Higher Education

Research and Training Solutions for Higher Education

Zwick has a long-standing global commitment to close involvement with both research and training. 

Throughout the ages the development and application of new materials has played a vital role in our lives. More effective materials and the products made from them have repeatedly given sustained technological and economic momentum to our modern industrialized societies.  

Around the world great effort is being put into the research and development of new material technologies such as lightweight construction materials, intelligent materials, biomaterials and composites, to name but a few. 

This development is also reflected in training, with ever greater demands placed on materials specialists, whether in higher education or industry. 

A highly flexible, modular approach allows Zwick standard components to be used for the simplest machine or in complex research applications.  Zwick’s effectiveness in providing solutions specifically for higher education is based on: 

  • optimized hardware solutions, powerful and flexible software plus virtual teaching software specially developed for training – all ideally suited to your requirements 
  • a team dedicated to this sector and always ready to assist with planning your laboratory, selecting suitable equipment or finding a partner from our worldwide network