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Conditions in the Automobile Industry Today

The automotive market is subject to severe global competition, marked by shifts within the vehicle segments and by new markets and suppliers, with resulting over-capacity.

Against this background there is continuous growth in the use of computer-based development techniques. These simulation-based approaches must be accompanied by actual testing during the various development phases. For one thing, the systems require appropriate materials data to dimension for stiffness, rigidity and life expectancy. In addition, the calculation models must be calibrated as early as possible using actual test data. Consequently laboratory tests remain a necessary and important requirement within vehicle development.

Stiffness and rigidity characteristics of materials, components and joining technology, under both standard and crash conditions, together with their fatigue characteristics – all these rank alongside the  simulation of forming processes as important results. 



Testing on brake pads, Prüfung an Bremsbacken

Prüfung an Bremsbacken Testing on brake pads
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