Extraction Testing Equipment for Dosimeters
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Expellation Testing Device for Dosimeters and Syringe Cartridges

Expellation Testing Device for Dosimeters and Syringe Cartridges

This height-adjustable clamping device was designed for testing dosimeters and syringe cartridges and is used to determine expellation forces and volumes. Scales for measuring expelled volumes are positioned in front of the testing machine and are shielded from external influences by a plexiglass housing with removable cover, ensuring reproducible measurement. Carrier sleeves for glass cartridges are available as accessories. The device is designed for compression tests up to 100 N.

  • For medical applications
  • Included are the clamping device, a plexiglass casing with removable cover
    for a balance as well as a test area depth extension for a zwicki-Line testing machine
  • The balance is placed in front of the testing machine. The content of the
    dosimeter is being pressed out onto the balance. Therefore the tensile axis of the testing machine is displaced to the front.
  • Collets for glass vials are available as accessory: Each item contains a collet dia 8.7 and a collet dia. 11.6, either with collar or without collar (please see drawing down right)

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