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Testing-instruments for material characterization

Testing-instruments for material characterization

Zwick’s display at this year’s FAKUMA (Hall B3, Stand 3125) features testing equipment for characterizing plastics and rubber and for testing finished goods, components and semi-finished goods. Center-stage is a testing machine of the Allround series equipped with the multiXtens extensometer.

As well as determining small strains  (e.g. for tensile modulus determination to ISO 527-1) with an accuracy of 1 micrometer, this extensometer (Picture 1) can also measure large extensions of several hundred percent, as found with rubber. Various extended sensor arms are available to enable multiXtens to be used for tests in temperature chambers, while a special sensor arm can be attached for flexure tests to ISO 178, allowing different materials, types of test and temperature ranges to be covered with a single extensometer.

A new development at Zwick is the instrumentation of impact tests, as demonstrated in a HIT5.5P pendulum impact tester (Picture 2). The instrumentation records force distribution during the impact, providing access to additional information about material behavior; other capabilities include recording a displacement-travel diagram. Zwick has integrated a specific evaluation technique into its testXpert II software package to enable automatic recognition of the type of break and classify the results accordingly for statistical evaluation. Instrumentation is available from Zwick for Charpy, Izod and impact tensile tests. 
Also on show from Zwick is the Mflow extrusion plastometer (Picture 3), used for determining melt index values MFR and MVR. A mathematical correlation allows MFR to be expressed as the IV (intrinsic viscosity) value more commonly used with PET plastics. Mflow extrusion plastometers feature modular construction and can be retrofitted as required with various functions, including travel measurement (for MVR determination) or automatic weight-raising (for easier operation and enhanced reproducibility). Control of these instruments is via the integrated computer electronics or a PC. The innovative APC function, with which test parameters are optimized during the test, ensures reliable measured values with minimal measurement errors, even with untrained operators.


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